The healthy social life is found when, in the mirror of each human soul, the whole community finds its reflection and when, in the community, the strength of each individual is living.

Rudolf Steiner

The International Waldorf-Steiner School EL FAROL is an open space with cultural activities such as conferences, workshops, concerts and other projects that guide participants in their personal growth and help to cultivate their potential in the different areas of human development: psychological, corporal, emotional, artistic and social.

We therefore organise diverse activities that are in line with the school’s philosophy and seek to encourage our own personal development while creating synergies to adequately accompany our children’s learning processes, helping us to understand such processes with all our being. Our activities are open to everyone, from inside and outside of the school community.


We are aware of the learning difficulties encountered by children in today’s world. For this reason, we have a programme of extracurricular activities for children from the age of six, with the objective of helping them rediscover their interest and enthusiasm, and the enjoyment of learning. We make our school’s outdoor and indoor spaces available to them and carry out activities from a Waldorf-Steiner pedagogical approach.

  • Open Day

  • open day

  • Escuela de Verano
  • El Huerto Urbano
  • Summer School
  • Escuela de Familia
  • Euritmia
  • Grupo de Madres/Padres
  • Taller de Juguetes
  • Taller de Inglés
  • Talleres de apoyo
  • Talleres de arte y juego