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To welcome each child as a unique individual, establishing a relationship of reciprocal trust while allowing children to uncover and stimulate their own potential: that is the role schools play in education. At least it is the way the international Waldorf-Steiner movement conceives schools, and this coincides with the way UNESCO thinks and acts in regards to education.

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The International Waldorf-Steiner School EL FAROL is the result of the hopes and dreams of a group of parents and teachers actively involved in, and committed to, the education of their children. Our main objective is to follow the comprehensive development of our children, ensuring they live a happy childhood, rather than a premature adolescence, while helping them to develop all the resources they will need to face the personal and social circumstances of today’s world.
The philosophy of the International Waldorf-Steiner School EL FAROL is based on the philosophical and pedagogical approach of Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher, scientist, artist and social innovator from the early 20th Century, and creator of Waldorf-Steiner pedagogy, currently applied in over 2,000 educational institutions in 90 countries. His approach to education and personal relationships pervades throughout our school. It is our mission and responsibility to help our children to develop their unique and individual identity.
Today’s children face individual, social and environmental issues that will make up the challenges of the 21st Century. How can we prepare this generation for such a task? The International Waldorf-Steiner School EL FAROL proposes a comprehensive education that focuses on supporting the child’s autonomous growth, working to stimulate his or her imagination, creativity, flexible thinking and love of learning. All this with human values as transversal elements without which it is impossible to establish a healthy foundation for life.
The International Waldorf-Steiner School EL FAROL considers salutogenesis to be part of the child’s educational process; the cooperation between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of human life is an extremely sensitive process that constantly demands our renewed efforts to help the organism as a whole achieve a healthy equilibrium. The failure of these efforts can be a source of illness, and the true “art of education” must therefore convey to the child the ability to face the challenges posed by this process and teach him or her to overcome obstacles. Health is not an absence of illness, but the possibility of developing the child’s full potential and the cooperation of his or her physical, emotional and spiritual faculties, laying the foundations for true resilience from their earliest childhood and creating a positive attitude and joy of living, which in turn gives children the strength to accept challenges that will help in their growth.
We participate in the education of human beings who will become initiators of a cultural change in human and social terms.
Our school is a centre for the education of all: students, parents and teachers are involved in a continuous learning process that radiates culturally towards the school’s entire social environment.

Founded in 2009, the International Waldorf-Steiner School EL FAROL is a Free School in Malaga, in the Urbanización Cerrado de Calderón, an area with excellent motorway connections for easy access from all our students’ homes. We are the first and only Waldorf-Steiner school in Andalusia approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture (Ministerio de Educación y Cultura; MEC), and our teachers have teaching degrees approved by the MEC and specific, official training in Waldorf-Steiner Education. We are a member of the Association of Waldorf-Steiner Schools.
We currently work with two age groups of Pre-school Education, from 0 to 3 and from 3 to 6, and are working on the creation of a Primary School for children over 6 years old.

We are a Free School that welcomes children from different social, linguistic, cultural, economic and spiritual backgrounds, helping them to meet the challenges of a world defined by constant change and a growing complexity. In our school we accompany the individual evolution of every child, respecting his or her stages of maturity and meeting their learning needs for each stage of their development, thus allowing them to live each of these life stages appropriately: being children in childhood, teenagers in adolescence and ultimately responsible, committed and free adults during their adulthood. Our work with art seeks to bring them closer to what is good, beautiful and true in the world. Our school is a beautiful, healthy and expansive place where children have the time and space to experience nature. The entire school focuses on welcoming our children with the warmth they need to develop their self-assurance. Our garden has open, joyful spaces where children run and move freely. And the vegetable garden, where we work following the principles of biodynamic agriculture, helps them connect with nature and understand its processes.

The International Waldorf-Steiner School EL FAROL understands diversity as a series of ethnic identifications, heritage, nationalities, mother tongues, socioeconomic levels, family structures, ages, beliefs, gender and sexual identities, skills and occupations. Diversity is an experience that stimulates learning and growth for all our community. We recognise that the inherent richness of a school community is made up not only of an educational programme, but also of a community of children who learn together about the world and teach us adults to discover each other through empathy.

The International Waldorf-Steiner School EL FAROL founded in 2009, is certified in all its stages by the Department of Education of the Junta de Andalucía.