“When children can relate what they learn to their own experiences, their interest in life awakens, their memory is activated, and what they learn is made their own”
Rudolf Steiner.

Along with the Nursery School period, this is the most formative stage of
a person’s life. Here, the child is completely open to sensory impressions
received from the outside world, which have a direct influence on their physical
and emotional development.

Learning during this period comes by means of games and experimentation,
and it is very important that the child feels safe and supported. This is why the
surroundings we provide our children are a very special, beautiful space where
they may open up to the world like a seed in fertile soil. Care is taken with
every detail to ensure harmony: colours, natural materials such as silk, wool,
beeswax, wood… to help our children fully develop all their senses and their
own way of expressing themselves. Our materials are also very simple in order
to stimulate imaginative play, all within a regular rhythm and structure where art
permeates every activity.

Our vegetable garden, created following the principles of biodynamic
agriculture, is another essential space in the school, where children naturally
learn from the wisdom of Nature, to respect the Environment while participating
in Nature’s processes, as they witness how the seeds they sow ultimately make
their way to their table.

The close relationship between parents and teachers creates a strong sense of
cooperation that makes children feel like our School is their home. Education
takes place as in a work of art, within a free and creative environment, and a
friendly, collaborative foundation created by teachers and parents, with students
always at the centre of all our activity.
In this warm, loving environment, the teachers at Waldorf-Steiner International

School EL FAROL accompany the growth of our children with the simplicity and
naturalness provided by a strong pedagogical foundation, bringing them closer
to the knowledge and experiences that may satisfy their holistic needs and
preparing them, in these first stages of their childhood, for the challenges they
will face once they reach the necessary stage of maturity for Primary School.
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